Shopping in Kalkan

If you enjoy retail therapy, you will adore shopping in Kalkan. The meandering streets of the old town wind their way down to the sea, populated by charming boutiques, independent traders and some master craftsmen. You can purchase Turkish carpets, ceramics, clothing, leathers, jewellery and a multitude of other interesting items. Kalkan offers something for every kind of shopper. From the high-class merchandise in the quaint old town shops to the energetic tradesmen who run stalls at the open market on a Thursday, it’s hard for you to resist, even if only for a browse. Here is our introductory guide to the delightful items you can find in Kalkan.

Kalkan Shopping street

Carpet Shopping

Kalkan carpet shop interior

It would be impossible to explore the world of Turkish shopping without discussing the infamous Turkish carpets. The traditional carpets in Turkey are known as Kilims. These flat weave carpets are generally made in hues of red, green gold and black and incorporate strong geometric shapes. Kalkan has its very own carpet store which you can find in the heart of the Old Town near the marina. Turkmen Carpet and Gift Store has been run for many years by Kenan Bilgin and he has an extensive collection in a beautiful old building. If you can’t fit a large carpet into your suitcase, he can help to arrange shipping. Plus, there are a wide range of other items like elaborate cushion covers and bespoke shoes, boots and handbags with unusual designs which you can easily squeeze in to take home.

Turkmen Carpet and gift store

Handmade Ceramics

Exquisitely colourful and delicately finished, Turkish ceramics make for a wonderful gift that you can take away from Turkey. Ceramics have been a huge part of the culture in Turkey for a very long time. Production dates back 10,000 years to Anatolia when tiles were combined with architecture to produce beautiful buildings. You will find several shops in Kalkan’s Old Town where you can purchase some vibrant ceramic pieces to add to your kitchen collection. If you have an upcoming wedding, you can find some beautiful sets that make for an unusual gift. Designs vary widely but there are some common themes including the use of bright colours, geometric shapes and flowers, particularly tulips. You could even request designs to be made for you if you give the craftsmen enough notice. They will be very willing to accommodate and make sure any items are carefully wrapped for transporting home.

Turkish ceramics

Jewellery Shopping

If you are interested in quality jewellery, Kalkan will not fail to disappoint. Like in so many other areas of craftsmanship in Turkey, you can still find master jewellers in many towns. You can find them tinkering away in their little workshops to the rear of the boutique jewellers in Kalkan. If you have sentimental family pieces you can have them remodelled for a fraction of the price you would pay in the UK with some quite outstanding results. From the Old Town down to the harbour there are several jewellers. Some specialise in high end pieces, remodelling and precious stones. You can visit long established jewellers like Yardan’s and Wishes & Co. Others have a vast array of lovely silver items with pretty stones and delicate designs. Many couples choose wedding rings in Kalkan because of the high quality and relatively low prices.

Jewellery remodelling

Fashion Shopping- Boutiques, Accessories & Bespoke Clothing

Boutique clothes shops

Bespoke Clothing

Tailoring is not a lost art in Turkey, in fact you will find many a local ‘Terzi’ (tailor) in every town. As such there are some wonderful independent boutiques selling handmade clothing with unique designs and quality fabrics. Admittedly, there is much more on offer for ladies than men but there are great options for both and tailors on hand to adjust their clothing to fit you perfectly. Mai Butik, Tailor Yusuf and Nilufer Butik are among some of the most popular.  


It’s not just clothing that is in abundance in Kalkan’s quaint shops. You will also find an array of quality leather products for very reasonable prices. Handbags, man bags, belts and wallets. You will be spoiled for choice in Misty May, Simply Chic and BSG Leather because they offer an amazing assortment.

Leather shopping

Barter at the Open Market

At the market you can buy anything: herbs & spices, leather goods, textiles & clothing, handmade jewellery, fruit & vegetables and a great deal of other goods. It’s worth a visit for the atmosphere & to hear the banter from the stallholders – another fun experience when you stay at a holiday rental villa in Kalkan, Turkey. Be sure to browse, examine goods and ask prices at several stalls to get a sense of the market before bargaining. It’s supposed to be fun, there is a game at play so don’t get tense just enjoy the experience for what it is. If you want some tips:

-Don’t look too enthusiastic.

-Let the tradesman quote the first price.

-Don’t be afraid to walk away and come back.

Kalkan Thursday open market


Turkey is a big player in the international textile world so options are plentiful. You can pick up some gorgeous, quality items for very reasonable prices in various places in Kalkan. There are lots of textiles that can easily fit into a suitcase, ranging from fancy accessories to dressings for soft furnishings.


Cotton peştemals (traditional fringed towels used in Hamams) are abundant in many shops as well as the Thursday market. They are a much sought-after item for visitors because they make for excellent lightweight beach towels. We recommend Beyond the Beach for high quality and a huge range of colours.

Beyond the beach brand pestemals


Scarves, pashminas, dressing gowns and woven bags are commonly on sale in boutique shops too. You can also purchase intricate purses and make up bags embellished with Turkish embroidered designs.

Soft Furnishings

If Turkish and Ottoman design appeals to you, then you could purchase a few traditionally styled cushion covers or an embroidered throw or table cloth to take a little memory of Kalkan home with you. You will find a wide range of reasonably priced home textiles at the Thursday market.

Spices and Dried Goods

For gastronomes visiting Kalkan there is a real treat in store. You will be astonished at the huge array of herbs, spices, teas, dried fruit and unusual condiments that can be purchased from stunning displays at the Thursday open market.

Turkish spice stall at Kalkan open market

Whether you prefer strong spices or milder herbs and oils you can be sure to find some delightful new tastes to add to your pantry at home. Sumac, chili flakes and sweet paprika are used widely in Turkish cooking. These spices are commonly home grown and dried and produce wonderful flavours. You can also find various mountain picked green teas including wild sage and different types of wild oregano. These natural teas have used by local villagers for centuries because of their health benefits.

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