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When holidaying in Kalkan, it is an absolute must to sample a selection of the various cuisine the town has to offer. Famed for the largest density of restaurants across, with over two hundred to choose from, Kalkan provides something for everyone. No matter your taste or budget! From traditional Turkish cuisine, mezes and fish restaurants on the marina to rooftop terrace fine-dining, you are simply spoilt for choice.   

Renowned for its rooftop dining culture, Kalkan radiates sophistication, timeless elegance and a style to rival that of France and Italy. Offering an abundance of dining experiences like no other,  Kalkan emanates a unique charm and postcard-worthy scenery that many return to experience year after year. 

The running theme throughout all Kalkan dining is that everything is made fresh. With an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and meat, the food is cooked to perfection without the need for additives or preservatives. Even the takeaways are free from processed foods!

At Kalkan Holiday Property, we are passionate about Kalkan cuisine, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite, tried and tested Kalkan restaurants to help make your trip extra special.



Described by many as one of the best restaurants in Kalkan, Chameleon is famous for its Beef Wellington, cooked to perfection. It is a little bit more on the expensive side, but worth every penny. Chameleon boasts exquisite high-quality food and a service to match. This restaurant has a smaller menu than most in Kalkan but puts a great emphasis on the delivery of quality food, cooked to a professional standard. If you’re looking for a spot of lunch, a spectacular evening dining experience, or cocktails in the evening, in a chameleon-esque style, this restaurant changes to suit the needs of its customers.


Boasting one of Kalkan’s highest roof-top terrace restaurants Gourmet has two terraces to choose from. Gourmet oozes a romantic atmosphere that simply cannot be beaten. The presentation and quality of food is outstanding and the service is second to none with the staff being extremely attentive. Do you love a steak? Cooked to perfection, Gourmet’s steaks are served on a slate stove, right at the table! Looking for a fine dining experience? Gourmet is the answer.


At Sade, it’s all about the food. Whilst other restaurants rely on first-class service and spectacular views, the dishes at Sade speak for themselves. Famed for its steakhouse quality steaks, this rustic restaurant offers a wide selection of quality dishes. Why not get hands-on with the surf and turf? The passion that goes into this restaurant’s cooking is unparalleled. 

You will enjoy excellent sea views, fantastic value for money, beautiful food and staff who go above and beyond to ensure you are well taken care of. What’s not to love? We think it’s pretty hard to beat!


Best known for hosting the King of Hell’s Kitchen that is Gordon Ramsey, Kalamaki is a must-visit restaurant. Especially if you’re looking to sample some traditional Turkish food. This pub/restaurant specialises in authentic Turkish food. It also dabbles in a fusion of Turkish dishes with a European twist. 

A sophisticated restaurant renowned for its quality, presentation, finishing touches and reputation, Kalamaki is the perfect choice for a romantic evening.



Offering both a cocktail bar and dining experience, Trio mixes the best of both effortlessly. With stunning views of the harbour and subtle notes of jazz, this restaurant is the ultimate place to chill out in style. Trio’s menu is very extensive and caters for all eating habits. Their food is well-presented and their service is first-class, without the extortionate price tag attached. If a mixture of Mediterranean and Asian food sounds like something you’d enjoy, then this is the place for you.


Right in the heart of Kalkan’s Old Town, with spectacular, unobstructed views of the bay and surrounding mountainous scenery, Salt And Pepper offers diners an eating experience at any time of the day. The imaginative menu blends both traditional and fusion flavours with fresh, organic and homegrown ingredients. All ingredients are sourced straight from the family farm. Why not sample a selection of the expertly-crafted signature cocktails, exclusive to the restaurant?

If wine is your poison of choice, then you are in luck! Salt And Pepper specialises in wine. They have an extensive range on offer from the Kayra winery, one of the oldest and largest wineries in Turkey. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even an evening nightcap, Salt And Pepper has it all.


Widely regarded as one of the finest Kalkan restaurants, Aubergine offers a number of meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan options, providing an inclusive menu to suit all lifestyles. 

Fresh fish is caught and cooked on a daily basis. They use only the finest quality, locally produced, organic fruit and vegetable in their cooking. The head chef combines his extensive knowledge of both French and Italian dining with traditional Turkish cooking. The result? A mixed Mediterranean and Anatolian-inspired menu. Why not try the house dish that inspired the restaurant’s name, Imam Bayıldı?


One of Kalkan’s first restaurants, Korsan Meze holds a warm place in the heart of the local residents. This restaurant offers you great value for money where quality is concerned. The restaurant is well known for its excellent fish dishes, its popular atmosphere and stunning harbour-front view. It is also regarded for its delicious fresh vegetarian meze (akin to tapas). You can enjoy their menu either on the street-side terrace or open-air rooftop. 

Going the extra mile for its customers, Korsan provides a delivery service direct to your door. This means you can enjoy restaurant-quality food at any time of the day from the comfort of your holiday villa. Why not enjoy a cold crisp glass of their homemade lemonade? Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, a bottle of fabulously flavourful Turkish wine from their vault?



Looking for a fine dining experience at a beautiful boutique hotel without the pretentious outset? Then you’ve come to the right place! The Likya Hotel offers diners an elegant, beautiful and relaxing atmosphere with spectacular views of the gardens below and the bay. The head chef, Yilmaz, is always mixing things up, creating inspiring and flavourful dishes that leave you wanting more. Large portions, exceptional cooking and spectacular presentation, what more could you want?


We’ll give you one guess what the house special is! Mussaka is a little more on the pricey side. However, it is still reasonable in terms of the quality received. This pink themed restaurant offers a brilliant service and a wide variety of dishes. Furthermore it has an instagram-worthy, chic atmosphere ideal for taking some great holiday snaps! Complete with an elegant cocktail bar that could have been plucked straight from the heart of London, it’s easy to see why this restaurant is the place to be! Due to its popularity, we recommend booking Mussakka in advance.

If you’re holidaying with children, the children’s menu is brilliant for choice!


We understand how important it is to support local business. The team at Kalkan Holiday Property are very passionate about what Kalkan has to offer our clients. When holidaying in one of our properties, our concierge services allow you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Are you looking to book a specific cuisine or fancy sampling some of the best restaurants? A member of our friendly team will be happy to organise your reservations. 

To include a tour of the cuisine that Kalkan has to offer in your initial booking, please get in touch.  Don’t forget to tag us at @kalkan.holidayproperty next time you visit and snap a foodie picture at one of these splendid eateries!

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